​​​​A Few Projects listed below

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Wilderness Ranch Subdivision Water Well

Prospect Sewer Line - Kuna, Idaho 

Zone F  Water Main Replacement - Nampa, Idaho 

Vallivue School

Lanewood Water Line

Victory and 10 Mile water 

West Pine Water

Flamingo Water

Middleton Road Water Main Install

Cleveland Square Building

Winco in Nampa Idaho

Victory Storage

Raising Angles Day Care

Sorrell Subdivision

Paramint Subdivision

Black Bear Dinner

Rivers Academy

Floating Feather Water Project

Kuna Irrigation Project

Zone B Sewer

Star Skate Park 

Station Optical

Arboretum At Barber Park

Ridgevue High Seminary Building

Idaho Expo Drainage Project

15th-16th Road Project

Star Skate Park

Popeyes Meridian
Rhodes Skate Park

Holiday Inn Express
Middleton Skate Park
Eagle River Apartments
Ada County Juvenile Detention Center

Harris Ranch Pump Station

Sunny Ridge Subdivision
Cole Road Sewer Project
Amber way Subdivision
Dallas Harris Subdivision
Idaho Community Foundation
Valley Heights Drive Sewer

Carls Jr. 
Wilderness Ranch Subdivision Water Well

White Tail Resort

Hidden Springs Subdivision Phase 8

Orion Park Subdivision

Included in the list above Cougar Excavation has been a part of and completed several residential subdivisions, roads, and bridge construction projects, small and large commercial projects as well as hotels, industrial, recreational and multi-family projects. The list of projects completed over the years is to large too list on a single page.

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